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My Goliath - The Battle of Social Media

"Goliath" - Epic Cover (Live Performance Video):

‘Goliath’ is a truly beautiful song by Lucy Grimble, co-written with Mitch Wong, who are both incredibly gifted singer-songwriters.

Faith into Action

Goliath was 9 feet 6 inches tall and David was an insignificant shepherd boy. However, David had something Goliath didn’t, which ultimately led to his victory against Goliath.

David didn’t have more faith than you or I have today. But what set him apart was his absolute confidence and trust in the Lord. So much so that we see this reflected in his actions in 1 Samuel 17:48 which tells us that David ‘ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him.’ He did not hesitate or waver. David ran headfirst into the battlefield with God on his side. That ‘little seed of faith’ - faith in God's power and strength and not his own, was all he needed to overcome ‘his’ Goliath. His actions supported and activated the faith he had within. James 2:26, (NASB) says, "for just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead."

Limited Thinking

In Number 13:33, we read that 12 men were sent out by Moses to spy out the promised land flowing with milk and honey. The majority of men who returned, spread a bad report saying ‘there we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”

In their eyes, they were already defeated. 10 of the 12 men were looking through the eyes of unbelief and spread fear among the people like a wildfire.

In contrast, Caleb says “Let’s go at once to take the land,” he said. “We can certainly conquer it!”

We can learn an important lesson here. Those who had limited thinking and saw themselves as ‘grasshoppers’ eventually did not enter the promised land. But the two men who believed they were ‘able to overcome/conquer it’ with God on their side (Joshua and Caleb), eventually took possession of the land and received all that God had promised them (Numbers 14:30) .

Two Perspectives - Two Outcomes

When we look at an object through a set of binoculars, the object appears to be bigger. But if we look through the other end of the binoculars, the same object appears to be smaller.

As we look through the eyes of faith and draw closer to the LORD (prayer, reading the Bible, praising and worshipping Him), we will soon see that His truth, love, power, grace and promises, transcend our circumstances. God is bigger than any giant we will ever face. As Dr Archbishop Costakis Evangelou MBE says ‘what we focus on will be magnified.’ How we perceive things will determine whether or not we overcome them.

Which side of the binoculars are you looking through?

My Goliath - Social Media

As I was producing the epic version of this song, I was facing my own ‘Goliath’ - the Giant of Social Media.

Within the first few weeks of using Instagram/Twitter since the release of my first song ‘Are You Ready’, I found my productivity levels had dropped and my levels of joy and peace had decreased.

I began to obsess over numbers - the number of views, followers and likes displayed on my analytics. I refreshed my Instagram page far too often throughout the day. I could not allow unhealthy habits to become deeply rooted within me.

It’s a Choice

To live a peaceful, productive and an emotionally stable life, I had to make a choice.

I had to learn to take control of social media and not allow it to take control of me. I needed to find balance.

I began by taking steps such as turning off my notifications as well as hiding my phone in my drawer so that I could focus on primary tasks such as producing more music. This worked for a time and I became more focused. However, I still found my mind wandering throughout the day, curious and tempted to see what I was missing out on - FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) was what I was experiencing.

Setting Priorities

One day I decided to stop what I was doing to reflect on a few things. What were my priorities? What really mattered and is what I'm spending time on worthwhile/fruitful?

Dr Archbishop Costakis Evangelou MBE says that “the wisdom of God tells you what to prioritise in life” (James 1:5-6).

Then I came to realise I had allowed myself to become distracted from my purpose. My priorities were not in the right order.

Each day, I began looking at my phone, checking my Instagram and Twitter page before anything else. What had I missed overnight? Before I had an Instagram account, my morning routine looked rather different. Instead, my day began in prayer and reflection, followed by reading my Bible.

That was it…I realised I was putting social media above God. And that was affecting me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This had to change.

How To Manage Social Media

Joyce Meyer defines ‘wisdom’ as ‘doing now what you will be satisfied with later.” Will I be happy or satisfied a few years down the line with how I have spent my days? If we seriously consider and reflect on how we spend our time and how much time we spend with our eyes glued to our screens, will we be satisfied, or rather filled with regret?

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12)

When I changed my priorities, my FOCUS changed along with it. Renewing my mind to the Word of God and putting Him first helped me become more focused again.

Finding Balance

Whether you are using social media for fun or for work as an influencer or an indie artist like me, we can all learn to take healthy steps towards living a well balanced life.

It matters to me to be available to God, rather than to be accessible to everyone else (Steven Furtick - Taking Control of Your Mind). To prioritise what matters is what really matters. I pray God gives you and me the strength and wisdom to find balance and focus on Him and what we've each been called for.

Don’t allow social media to steal real moments. Don’t replace real moments with virtual ones. Don't allow it to steal precious TIME from you - time from your family, your friends, and ultimately, God.

We only have one life on this earth to live. The time we have is a precious gift. How will you use your TIME?

Final Thoughts

As we remember the story of David and Goliath - one of victory and triumph, we can remember that it only takes a little seed of faith to overcome our own ‘Goliath’ (James 1:2-3).

We can begin to apply the same principles of faith such as that in the story of David and Goliath, where placing our faith in the LORD and supporting it by taking ACTION gets results.

My prayer for you and me is to stay in balance, mentally and spiritually and to remember to put God FIRST in all we do. I will overcome my Goliath and take control of social media and not allow social media to take control of me.

Goliath can represent anything you feel is bigger than you - a challenge or adversity etc. How will you overcome your ‘Goliath?’

Be blessed x


  • The eye-opening Netflix Documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ reveals the dangerous human impact of social networking. How social media works and how it has been designed to keep you on it for the longest time possible:


Verse 1

David killed Goliath

Though it seemed impossible

Who’d have thought a single stone

Could make a giant fall

He was just a kid

And by comparison was small

But held within the hands of God

He was invincible

Verse 2

This I will remember

When the battle comes to me

To fix my eyes on things above

And not on what I see

In the deepest struggle In the face of great defeat

My unfair advantage

Is that Jesus stands with me


All it ever takes Is a little seed of faith

Big enough to bring down every giant

I don’t have to be afraid

In the hands of God I’m brave

He is training me to bring down every giant

I will overcome my Goliath

I will overcome my Goliath

Verse 3

Courage comes from knowing that

I’m walking with the Lord

No matter what I face I know that He has gone before

This will be the battle cry

That hell cannot ignore

Jesus is the Risen One He’s overcome it all


All it ever takes Is a little seed of faith

Big enough to bring down every giant

I don’t have to be afraid

In the hands of God I’m brave

He is training me to bring down every giant

I will overcome my Goliath

I will overcome my Goliath


Rise up

For the battle is the Lord’s

Rise up For the battle is the Lord’s

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