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Behind The Song - Do Not Waver

"You don't have to know HOW when you know WHO" ~ Stephen Furtick.

The meaning of the song explained, and how our faith can be strengthened by not what we think, but rather what we don't think.

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Holding onto Hope

The song begins with this statement - ‘If you don’t know when and you don’t know how’.

In a particular season in my life, I didn’t know ‘when’ or ‘how’ things were going to unfold. Doors that I thought would remain open were closing and the doors that were open seemed to lead to nowhere. When God had hand-written the number 57 in the sky, I didn't understand 'when' or 'how' Psalm 57, 'to write music and sing unto the Lord among the nations' would become a reality...How could this happen? After all, I had damaged my singing voice and certain events in my life had numbed me to the point where the deep desire and purpose God had put on my heart to make music 'unto The Lord', seemed to have faded away.

However, what I did know was that whilst I was still ‘holding onto hope’, I didn’t have to have all the answers. I knew that God was still God and I just needed to learn to trust Him - "Be still, and know that He is God" (Psalm 46:10).

If we had all the answers, would we ever need to run to the Father? How many of us would seek God if every ‘T’ was crossed and every ‘i’ was dotted? - Archbishop Dr Costakis Evangelou MBE.

Promises of God

We see many examples in the Bible where God made a Covenant/Promise between man and Himself. In the Old Testament God made a Covenant with Abraham. He promised Abraham would become the ‘Father of many nations and that he would have descendants as numerous as the stars of the heavens and as the sand of the seashore’ (Genesis 22:17 / Genesis 26:4). However, the problem was that Abraham was 99 years old and Sarah’s womb was practically ‘dead’. He had no human reason to believe this was humanly possible. Yet God called Abraham and calls us today, to trust Him. God says to ‘lean not on our own understanding, but in all ways submit to Him’ despite what we see or what we feel (Proverbs 3:5-6).

God's Promises are Conditional

On the contrary, God’s promises do not automatically come to pass. They are dependant and conditional on our faith. Romans 4:16 (AMP) says:

‘Therefore, [inheriting] the promise depends entirely on faith [that is, confident trust in the unseen God], in order that it may be given as an act of grace [His unmerited favour and mercy], so that the promise will be [legally] guaranteed to all the descendants [of Abraham]—not only for those [Jewish believers] who keep the Law, but also for those [Gentile believers] who share the faith of Abraham, who is the [spiritual] father of us all’.

How to Have Unwavering Faith

We don't necessarily need MORE faith, but we do need LESS unbelief. Abraham did not consider the contradictory circumstances around Him (which most often cause doubt/ unbelief), his old age or the deadness of Sarah's dead womb. But He did consider God's promise and painted a picture of it on his heart. He did not allow ‘unbelief’ to take root in his heart and therefore was not tempted to disbelieve God (adapted from ‘Hardness of Heart' - Andrew Wommack).

When God speaks something into your life, He means it - God is not a God that He should lie. The book ‘Extraordinary’ by John Bevere puts it like this, ‘Faith believes that God says what He means and He means what He says’ (Pg. 155).

Praise Before Breakthrough

Mark Ballenger says ‘when we are heavenly minded, we know that no matter what happens, the ultimate victory is already ours in Christ Jesus’. Although this truth primarily relates to our Salvation whereby our eternal destination is secured in Jesus Christ, we can believe that every other promise God has spoken over our lives or through His Word is also secured (Colossians 3:1-4)’. It is our right to proclaim each one of God’s promises as our inheritance in Christ and as a child of the Most High God.

Abraham throughout his life chose to give glory to God, even when circumstances seemed to contradict everything God had spoken; even before he saw the outcome and fulfilment of the promise. What we can learn from this is that praising and worshipping God is not only important, but holds power. We praise God not because we are obliged to or because we are told to, but because of who He is. We worship God because of the finished work He has done for us by dying on The Cross of Calvary.

Therefore, through the good times and the bad, the light and the dark, the wilderness and valleys we experience in life - at all times, up until the point of fulfilment, we praise God because He is Love and has won the victory over sin and death.

God's Promise to You

Under the New Covenant (The New Testament), God promises those who believe in Him will be saved from sin (Romans 12:9 & Acts 4:12).

Stars Of Heaven

When we look up at the night sky and see the stars, we can be reminded that the Lord has fulfilled His promise to Abraham and multiplied His seed/his descendants as the stars of the heavens. It is encouraging and empowering to know that as a Child of God, we are part of this great Covenant!

Do Not Waver

Romans 3:20 says Abraham ‘did not waver'. To ‘waver’ means to be undecided between two opinions or two courses of action. It essentially means to be double-minded. The opposite of double-mindedness is single-mindedness. How can we stand firm in faith, be single-minded like Abraham and not waver at the promises of God?

David says in Psalm 16:8 ‘I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken’. The key here is to keep our eyes focused on the Lord and to ‘not consider anything other than the promises of God’. And Paul also says in Romans 12:2 to ‘not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind’.

If you have not yet seen the promises of God come to pass in your life, ‘do not waver and do not consider anything other than the promises of God.’

Are you ‘holding onto Hope?’ What are some of the promises you are believing for?

Be blessed x

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