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Epic Cinematic Vocal Music + Disney + Multi-Cultural Positivity & Hope 🗡🕊🌎


Seniz Suleyman, aka Seniz Sound is a music composer, producer and singer-songwriter from London, UK.


Before studying and obtaining a BA (HONS) Degree in Music Production, Seniz was commissioned to compose music for Sounds of Red Bull under BMG Production Music at the age of 17, composing a variety of synth-based and inspirational orchestral soundtracks and underscores. Since then she has had thousands of TV and Media placements all around the world, including BBC, BT Sports, Animal Planet, CBS, Channel 4,  Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Film4, History, ITV, National Geographic, Sky Cinema and much more. 


Film-score composers such as Hans Zimmer which Seniz most often listened to in order to keep her focused whilst doing school homework and Contemporary Christian Music artists such as For King and Country, have greatly influenced and helped Seniz discover and carve out her own distinctive 'sound'. Seniz feels passionately and most inspired by the marriage of God-inspired music and visuals. 


Seniz began releasing music online in 2019. Her initial work comprised of writing Trailer Music and Film scores. Currently, Seniz blends hybrid orchestral scores with faith-based narrative and biblically inspired lyrics within the Inspirational Music/Christian Pop and CCM genre - Epic Music meets Christian Music. Her songs include soaring vocals and richly layered vocal harmonies, catchy hooks and high-powered dynamic vocalise elements which all together aim to impact, inspire and uplift the listener. A lack of cinematic orchestral Christian music was one of the reasons Seniz decided to take the journey to write music within this niche genre.


Most recently, Seniz has released her EP ‘Are You Ready’ of 5 songs that are orchestral based and speak of the promises and prophesies of God. The theme of the EP explores surrendering our own plans in replace of God’s, the promises of God declared in the Bible, as well as the prophecies spoken throughout the Word that have already come into fulfilment and which are yet to come to fulfilment. 

Seniz currently serves in her Church ACC Sheepfold as part of the Worship Team and recognises that music can be used as a powerful tool to share and spread the Good News; 'After a spiritual mountaintop experience, you must take what you've received and share it with those in the valley' - Bob Gass. She says, ‘Music is a way I can express and share the love of Christ beyond what words alone can say.'

Seniz aims to follow and fulfil the dreams and visions the Lord has placed on her heart which is to 'sing and make melody...I will sing praises to You among the nations' (Psalm 57:7-9). She desires for her music to bless and direct people’s hearts towards The Light & Hope of the world and to the saving and redeeming love and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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